Our recipes are great for picky eaters!  It's also easy to digest for sensitive tummies. Our stew is nutritious and delicious making your pups wanting more!


    Make less trips to the vet! Our stew can help improve weight management, energy levels, skin, coat and teeth! We believe nutrition is medicine.  A healthy lifestyle starts with what we put into our bodies.  


    Smaller, firmer, less smelly poop means there is more nutrients to absorb in the food your dog is eating.  More nutrients = less waste.  This means easier potty clean ups!

  • Stephanie M.

    Both of my dogs are picky eaters and I used to have to put human food on top of dog food to get them to eat, which led to weight problems and even pickier eating. Since I've started feeding them the beef stew, they are both always happy to eat and don'd need extra encouragement on top, and Oscar has lost weight and has so much more energy and his breath is much better. the stew has ingredients I can actually see in it, and it's easy to store and I just love love love it.

  • Momi L.

    Rocky LOVES his beef stew!!!! He's always  excited to eat. Food is easy to defrost, and the flat freezing is easy to store

  • Michelle E.

    Our Zoey loves the Doggy Kitchen!  We originally began giving her the DK stews because she was scratching a lot, having weepy eyes, and most of all her ears began to develop yeast when given a premium store-bought brand.  She also was becoming less enthused about eating.  With the Doggy Kitchen food, she doesn’t scratch, her eyes aren’t weepy and the yeast has disappeared!  She also isn’t gassy anymore.  Her stool is also smaller and way less smelly.  At her recent wellness exam, the vet said that she was so healthy and in such good condition.  He said that he wished that other dogs looked as good!  It is so easy to keep the food, freezing some and refrigerating what we are using.  It is so rewarding to know we are giving her such quality food and best of all she is sooo excited to eat every meal!

  • Melanie L.

    Getting our puppy to eat has been a challenge. He was under weight and in poor health. But after feeding him your food he is now thriving! He loves the food and prefers it to fancy steak. The food is the only thing Dashi will eat! He is the ultimate picky eater and sensitive stomach! He likes all the flavors!

  • Sandy K.

    I love that Shane and Karli are educating people about what and why they use the ingredients they put into their products. My babies love the stews and healthy snacks and they really love Goat Milk!!!
    And I need to mention the Service--is GREAT!!!

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