About Us

Our Tale

We got a dog!  In July of 2018, a spur of the moment decision was made and we got our first dog, Melo.  We knew we wanted to feed Melo something good for him, but we ran into a few problems during our search for the perfect food.  We were given kibble from his breeder, but he was reluctant to eat it.  We tried tried every type of food on the market and least to say, he was a picky eater!  


With our options running low, we were finally introduced to a fresh, frozen dog stew from a local shop in Seattle.  We were getting desperate to find something for Melo and prayed he would love it.  The first time we gave it to him, he gobbled it up in less than 30 seconds! WOW! We found gold! And we've been feeding him that ever since.


Two years later, we bought our second dog, Nico!  Fortunately, he was not as picky but his stomach was a little more sensitive than Melo's when we tried different food options with him.  So we knew we would feed Nico the fresh stew thereafter, which he loved!  We were both so grateful to have found a dog food that not only our dogs' loved, but also kept them healthy and with very few vet visits!


We are both from Hawaii, and we were ready to move home for good, but we faced another problem.  There were no stores on Oahu that sold a cooked dog stew! How could we go through all that trouble to find something both our dogs loved to eat, and not continue to feed them something like that moving home?  We couldn't! So The Doggy Kitchen was born.